Entrepreneurial Pro Tip #7

It’s Vitally Important to Be Yourself


By Delano Garner

I think a question that a lot of people ask themselves when contemplating a new challenge is whether their unique skill set is “good enough.”

When I was in high school, the basketball players were the guys who got the most attention from the girls. I wanted to get the girls’ attention too, so I went out for the basketball team. The trouble was, I wasn’t very good. I worked hard to achieve my objective, but I wasn’t in alignment with myself. I was trying to be somebody that I wasn’t, and that is no way to be successful.

Later, I discovered I liked playing tennis, and I was pretty good at it. There weren’t many girls hanging around the tennis courts or going to the league matches, but I felt better about myself because I was engaging in an activity that matched my talents, skills, and interests. I started to discover my truth, and soon a girl appeared who liked me for who I truly was. I learned that the most surefire path to success is to follow your truest self.

An entrepreneur trusts himself or herself. They have a sense of their ability to get the job done. They take risks because they know that even in failure, they will learn more about themselves and their initiatives. They find their truth, and they present that truth to the world and trust that their gifts will be received.

You’ve gotten yourself here, through the ups and downs, overcome the obstacles, lived through the triumphs and the disappointments. There’s a part of you that’s incredible and resilient, and forward-thinking and loving. That’s the part of you that you can trust more than anything else.