Entrepreneurial Pro Tip #6

Influence vs. Control


By Delano Garner

Once you’ve thought through a particular situation and taken the most appropriate action, you have very little (if any) control over the outcome. Entrepreneurs embrace this ambiguity and adjust their behavior to operate from a place of influence, rather than trying to control what they cannot. On the other hand, they understand that if a situation isn't under their control, they exert what influence they have, and then detach themselves from the outcome.

We all worry, some of us worry way too much, and we tend to worry about things that have already happened, or what might happen in the future. Rarely do we worry about what’s happening in the present moment, and that’s the only place you have any real influence, not to mention control. If you can move yourself to a place of focusing on the present – what you can control and where you’ll have the most influence – you’ll have an easier journey along the path of entrepreneurship.