Got Resilience?


And Still, I Rise!

By Delano Garner

Resilience in the face of obstacles, challenges, and fears is a trait that all great thinkers and doers have in common. Sometimes it looks to us as if someone has just “made it” or as if they have experienced sudden success. But in truth, they very likely have experienced numerous failures along the way.

For most of us the fear of failure is the primary risk associated with entrepreneurship, but if we learn to embrace failure as part of the process, we’re more likely to be resilient in the face of setbacks. We grow up thinking that failure is bad and success is good; we get positive or negative attention based on how we perform. In entrepreneurship, failure is more like a stepping stone. Like a baby learning to walk, it’s just part of the process.

The best way to face failure is to normalize it. Entrepreneurs understand that although they have a clear objective, how it is achieved may differ from what they planned. They adjust to changing circumstances, adapt to new conditions and keep moving forward, improving along the way. 

Failure is also an incredible learning opportunity. Every time you attempt something and you “fail,” you gain an opportunity to learn, not only about your service or product but, maybe even more importantly, about yourself. Failure is not a demerit or something that makes you “less than.” When a baby falls, they don't sit there wallowing in their failure; they just get back up. With entrepreneurship, we want to adopt the idea of getting right back up after every fall.