Entrepreneurial Pro Tip #9


Make Yourself Accountable to Others

By Delano Garner

So you’ve thought through your entrepreneurial idea. Maybe you’ve even done the important work of creating a business and marketing plan; maybe your website is up, and you’re ready to go. Nice! But then those little voices crop up in your “self-talk” – the ones that say you’re not good enough, or it’s too expensive, or it’s too hard.

It’s easier to listen to those voices when you’re only accountable to yourself, so make yourself accountable to others. It could be a verbal commitment, like telling your trusted friends and family members about your goals and even your to-do lists. A good coaching relationship can be useful and rewarding and help you to stay on the path you’ve chosen.

Of course, you can always back out, but I think you'll find that it's easier to move forward once other people are rooting for you and looking to you as a model for how they might do the same. I think you'll find that making a promise to someone else is making a promise to yourself.