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Fact Stuff:

Delano F Garner specializes in organizational change initiatives, team-building, leadership development, and customer service training. He customizes solutions and guides organizations through planning, transformation, and reinforcement to ensure long-term success. Services are designed to enhance professional communications and to uncover organizational challenges. Delano is a Project Management Specialist with over 15 years of experience overseeing multiple projects and initiatives. He serves as a Subject Matter Expert in several areas of organizational culture and climate. Delano received his M.A. in Leadership from Saint Mary's College of California. Go Gaels!

Fun Stuff:

Some call me the "Hiking Tennis Player." My latest hiking and tennis adventures have included locations in Greece, Aruba, and Mysore, India. I enjoy outdoor cooking. My grill and smoker rarely have time off. I don't need a special occasion...I'll even cook in the rain. I"m a Home Theater Enthusiast. Yes, I'm that geek with the high-end 4K screen and multiple speaker surround sound. I don't go out to the movies much; I know that I will have a more vivid experience at home. And, I love my Jeep! I should wash it more often.

Happy Clients

Delano was able to zero in on issues such as cultures of communication, the importance of respect and integrity, good listening and respecting difference.
— M. Moore
Delano Garner Coaching and Consulting is able to connect with the multi-level and multicultural staff members of our organization. Delano, himself, is a great facilitator who has a magnanimous personality.
— J. LeBarre
I was struck by the way my people were engaged — not just helping them to better complete a project or perform a professional role — but connecting with the whole person and the distinctive experiences and unique perspective that he or she might bring to their work.
— A. McCall